Start your claim

  • Use one of the following online form that relates to your incident type to report your claim.
  • Where this applies to your type of incident, download the vehicle and intersection form, to detail where there is damage to your vehicle and how the accident occurred. You can upload this with your claim.

What you need to get started

  • Details of the incident (such as the date, where the damage occurred, any other vehicles involved)
  • Other driver’s details such as a name, address, and licence number (if available)
  • Supporting documents such as quotes, drawing showing accident location (vehicle and intersection form)

Select type of incident

claim icons-01

Accident with another vehicle

claim icons-02

Accident with an object

Glass damage to vehicle

Weather damage icon - op1

Weather damage

Unattended damage icon - op2

Unattended damage to vehicle

Theft Icon - op1


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Animal damage

Collision with pedestriancyclist icon - op1

Collision with pedestrian/cyclist

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